I am happy to see how ubuntu is moving forward by leaps coming up to their 12.04LTS release.

One thing i am not happy about, however, is that the volume adjustment has not been working for me since 11.04

I have tried talking to the devs at ubuntu at irc, but no-one seems to really know what is going on and where to file a bug report against what.

So is this a regression from moving to the new gnome, the new kernel, or what is going on.

The only volume adjustment i can make since 11.10 is on/off. Adjusting the level of volume does nothing.

This is a nasty bug that i would like to see corrected before 12.04 releases, but the daily builds i have tested have this same issue.

My setup: asus p5q mb, c2d cpu, gts250 gfx.