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All my gigabyte motherboards have worked great!

Your smile will fade away once you understand that I wrote the "guide" on official gigabyte support forum (which is in their "howtos") on how to extract their binary-packed biosen from exe.
*no other mb manufacturer does that BS packing data in windows-only files*

Also, I have fought over 4 weeks and did several videos on non-working wireless keyboard prior to OS boot, before gigabyte taiwan branch started slowly moving their arses. The issue was "patched", half-working, and they do not care to make that bios stable.

And then article from phoronix on their behaviour - which is not suprising. If you have a need come by there and mention in the slightest that youīre not-windows user, you will be ignored. This current 785GMT I have is the LASTEST gigabyte I own in my life.

And their UEFI+BIOS weird-o-figuration is crap.

Seriously, why would you pick gigabyte? Do you believe in their marketing BS? %random_mb_manufacturer_here(except elitegroup/ecs)% is perfectly awesome, way less issues, does not ignore you if youre non-windows user and same solid caps and qualities.

I have bought 3 boards after GMT and all of em were not-gigabytes for that reason.