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Thread: New evdev Handles Multi-Touch, Smooth Scrolling

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    Default New evdev Handles Multi-Touch, Smooth Scrolling

    Phoronix: New evdev Handles Multi-Touch, Smooth Scrolling

    Following the release of X.Org Server 1.12 earlier in the week, the evdev input driver has been updated and released. The two big features for this common input X.Org driver is to take advantage of multi-touch and smooth scrolling, which is now supported by the latest X Input extension updates...

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    Meh. It even supports 4096 processors.
    And yet, there is no way to forward keycodes that are > 248, and that means that no TV remote works in X.
    (Yeah, there are ugly hacks, but these are really ugly hacks).

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    Does anyone actually have smooth scrolling enabled and working with a mouse or touchpad? I want to enable it on my PC but I can't figure out how.

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    Default Does anyone know if...

    Does anyone know if evdev reports a mouseclick as distinct from a touch on any given pixel? Does evdev know which is which?

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