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this is the same why they don't use the nuclear bomb against germany back in 1945 because german towns are made by stone and stone do not burn.
they prefer to use it against Japanese towns because they are made of wood means it burns.
just watch the stone churches in Japanese after the nuclear bomb the stone are still there.
thats the same in Fukusima a nuclear explosion do not mean strong explosion for example the Father of all bombs is stronger than a smal nuke.

the simple answer is: the explosion was not strong enav to vapourise the building but yes stupid people like you think nuclear bombs are always explosion like "Tsar" fusion bombs

sure with a Tsar your effect shows up. but its a fusion bomb not a atom split bomb.

ok for stupid people need pictures here the Hiroshima church after the nuclear bomb:

why the church is not molten glas on the flor ? o yes you are an expert i know it my picture is a fake LOL.
No, that building is still there. It is now the Hiroshima monument. Why is it still there? I point you to the film Armageddon for a fine example of basic explosive dynamics. In one of the scenes where they are discussing the best method to destroy the meteor, one of the scientists uses the analogy of a firecracker. Place it on your hand, you get a nasty burn. Hold it in your hand, it'll blow your hand off!

The same principle applies to buildings. Have an explosion on the outside of a building, it isn't contained, so the energy release dissipates. Inside the building, it is contained and causes much more damage. If this was a nuclear explosion, as you wish to think, then the reactor would not be there any more, neither would the reactor building. It was a hydrogen explosion, nothing more, despite what you would like it to be.

"this is just wrong the AP1000 is not save the first 72hours because the passiv cooling solution can not backup the first 32minutes." I can't see anything on the wiki page about this claim. Wikipedia does say this: "In the AP1000, Westinghouse's Passive Core Cooling System uses multiple explosively-operated and DC operated valves which must operate within the first 30 minutes. This is designed to happen even if the reactor operators take no action."

"sure you are Biased if you are not a nuclear fanboy LOL!!! what a irony!" No, don't try and twist my posts to suit your own agenda. I just stated that they were not writing objectively.

Face it, you don't know what you're talking about and are relying on questionable, and to some extent, ignorant, sources to get your information. I'm relying on knowledgeable, peer reviewed, sources. Scientific and engineering publications that don't rely on the emotional and unfounded accusations of ignorant people.

But, yet again, any discussion with you has turned into name calling and personal insults. If you can't type anything without insulting me, don't bother typing it at all.