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Thread: Unreal Engine 3 in Flash Unveiled at GDC

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    Default Unreal Engine 3 in Flash Unveiled at GDC

    "During Epic’s media briefing earlier today at the Game Developers Conference 2012, we unveiled a range of Unreal Engine 3 experiences running flawlessly in a Flash browser.

    Live for anyone to try now on is our very own “Epic Citadel,” which was originally launched for iOS devices. It’s now possible to navigate the beautiful 3D environment of “Epic Citadel” on the web.

    Trendy Entertainment was also on hand today to provide a live demonstration on their multi-platform tower defense action hit “Dungeon Defenders” in Flash.

    To cap off the Flash showcase, we showed off the graphically intense “Unreal Tournament 3” running in real time in a browser on Sanctuary, one of the game’s most visually stunning multiplayer maps. This is the same visually enhanced version that Epic’s founder and technical director Tim Sweeney revealed on Adobe’s stage at their MAX event last fall.

    Be sure to check out Epic Citadel now to get a taste of what’s possible with UE3 in Flash. We look forward to bringing you lots more exciting news from GDC this week.

    Epic Citadel"

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    Doesn't render most of it on flash beta and radeon open source on HD 6550M.

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    Looks exactly the same (broken) with NVidia's driver and Flash (x64).

    What's the point anyway? If it only runs on Windows, why do it in Flash?

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    I doubt its intended to be windows-only, its probably just tied to specific Flash features that aren't 100% on Linux with those specific Flash plugin versions.

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    Epic Megagames has made a significantly brisante curve all-way downwards the spiral.
    From company who did Jazz Jackrabbit and Tyrian; all the way to crap in crap that runs only on crap.

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