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Thread: Silicon Motion Has Open-Source Driver, But Fails

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    Default Silicon Motion Has Open-Source Driver, But Fails

    Phoronix: Silicon Motion Has Open-Source Driver, But Fails

    For those that don't closely follow the various development lists, at the end of February a Silicon Motion developer came to the DRI list announcing he had "a kernel driver for all our graphics chips" that he was looking to mainline. It sounds nice, but in the end it's a let-down and the most you'll probably get out of it is a few laughs...

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    Default Unrewarding

    I understand this article regarding the licenses, but I find this type of article unrewarding to corporations who wish to get started contributing to the linux kernel, and in return to the linux community. Every developer has his expertise and workflow, and for one, I personally use git repo for anything i collaborate on, but to use the lack of training in a repo in a negative sense or the inexperience in kernel contribution is just plain nit picking on a n00b in the field. Instead of sharing such information in negative light we should point out ways in which they can contribute and sources on how to contribute, provide them with proper definitions used within the community etc etc. If we shed such things in negative light then the following can be expected in future:

    * Proprietary Companies will not open source if their coding may or may not meet the standards of the community
    * Proprietary companies will only contribute to the kernel if they hire someone experienced in kernel contributions, and why should they hire someone for such a specific task if they are just putting their feet in the water

    I'm not saying we should give them soft cushions and baby walk them through the processes, but giving bad publicity for a good intentioned effort is not the way to go. Just a few pointers will do.

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    What, after trying to work with the kernel developers for the first time, you don't expect to get roundly mocked by unrelated people for being unexperienced?

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    This article just sounds mean-spirited. Bad form, Phoronix.

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    I do think the article was a little rough and the community was being more harsh than it should have been, but developers need to realize that just because linux is a relatively small community, it doesn't mean you can slack in quality and expect anything is "good enough". It also doesn't mean that you can get everything to change priorities just because you want them to.

    This is exactly what this developer was doing - he was kinda being an ass (albeit, accidentally) about what he wanted and seemed insultingly uneducated.

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    Personally, I think that the devs where mostly quite helpful and very understanding. Reading that list-thread I didn't feel that they 'failed' or anything negative.

    I got the feeling that they where trying, but didn't know quite where to start and what to do. It seemed they where just quite uninformed on what linux is and how the community behind it works.

    Handholding, up to a point, why not. These are just people doing a job and maybe feeling overwhelmed. Maybe don't have the technical knowledge we'd expect. Also not speaking their native language.

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