I want to build system with Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, and look at Abit IP35 Pro for mainboard. I know that newest Sun Ultra 24 stations based on Intel X38 Express logic (but don't know what motherboard exactly used), i know there is CD with drivers with this workstation.

I'm interesting:
1) How Abit IP35 Pro will work under Solaris system? What will work? Where can i find drivers?
2) Abit IP35 Pro uses Intel X35 Pro logic, therefore Sun Ultra 24 has X38, but X35 is more cheap, and i don't want pay for unusing functions. What other m/b you are now besides Abit IP35 Pro? I interesting in m/b with good overclocking capatibles.

I prefer use Nexenta OS on such system, but as Solaris and OpenSolaris-based distributions have same kernel, so i think question is only in drivers and working.