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Thread: Charity PC Race: Pick A Sponsor

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    Default Charity PC Race: Pick A Sponsor

    At CES next month, I'll likely be participating in a Charity PC race build ( I can choose any charity or educational cause I want for the high-end PC to end up at (or the $10,000 if I win ).

    What charity would you guys like to see this go to? I am thinking of the Linux Foundation or Free Software Foundation as two possibilities for a "technology charity". Or a more "mainstream charity" may be the American Cancer Society.

    If it was up to you, what charity would you chose and why?

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    Thats a tough one. I'd love to give charity to all of those you listed. But if I had to choose one with 10,000$... Hmm...

    Either the Free Software Foundation or The American Cancer Society. Maybe I'd just flip a coin? Heads for Free Software Foundation and tails for The American Cancer Society. I'll flip a coin now..

    So I just did, and it landed on heads, Free Software Foundation, but really, I feel torn. So hence, the coin flip.

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    Default Colorado HUG computer recycling project

    I think the charity I would choose would be the Colorado HUG computer recycling project. This charity takes unwanted computers repairs them and give them to children whom can not afford computers to be used for school and organizations that help educate adults and children in computer skills and literacy.

    It not only is in the industry (sort of) and has kept a considerable amount of e-trash out of the land fills.

    Just a thought.

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