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Thread: An Updated Look At Radeon Gallium3D 2D Color Tiling

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    Jerome, you're probably right, but I'm having the same thing here (Linux 3.3 vanilla, libdrm, mesa and xf86-video-ati all from git yesterday, HD 4550). I'm running the vanilla 3.3 kernel and don't remember now whether that has tiling patches in it, so it COULD be a different bug (see also

    Any suggestions for where to start looking for problems?
    Again open bugs, attach api trace of problematic gl application, or provide a use case with open source gl application, gave GPU version and all Xorg / kernel log revealent.

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    Hrm, while trying to put together a bug report, I narrowed it down to R600_STREAMOUT. Resetting that gave me GL 2.1 again and everything works now.

    Older Mesa versions worked fine, and reported GL 3.0.

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