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The userspace bits for Trinity were published the same afternoon, as Michael hinted. Maybe look in the commit log before badmouthing us ?


That's because the foundation work required for GL 2.1 was being added at the same time, and the Gallium3D paths were brand new as well. That only has to happen once.
I wasn't badmouthing anyone; I was just saying that the article said the support wasn't there yet, and I figured that since Michael is so hyper about posting articles whenever someone makes a git commit, we'd hear about it in a new article if the support had actually landed. I guess I should have checked first. But I was explaining to the other guy that, going on what Michael said that it was only kernel support at that time, this wasn't enough to start using the driver.

I'll definitely take a look (or take a compile :P) of the stuff out there right now, and see if I can report some bugs... that said, I have a much less "unusual" part this time around, because I'm guessing that you guys pretty much put a lot of effort into supporting the 7970 "Tahiti" during your internal testing. I mean it would be very awkward if you spent less time on your flagship GPU than the others in the series. Last time around I had the dual GPU, which for a while was somewhat of a bastard child due to the variances in its hardware compared to the 5870. I've learned my lesson on that point.

Question: Does all the tiling work that Jerome Glisse did for Evergreen have to happen all over again for the Northern Islands series? Or will the existing tiling work provide at least a springboard with which to more rapidly bring up tiling on NI?

Just asking, because I saw the very visible performance improvements of 1D and then 2D tiling on Evergreen, and I'd wager that the NI will perform worse than Evergreen during the period where Evergreen has tiling and NI doesn't.

Then again, maybe you guys went all-out and NI already has tiling in the initial release?! I haven't trawled that far into the source yet to tell, so I figure it's easier to just ask here.

Or, heck, don't even answer me here on the forum. Instead, a constructive request! We like positive suggestions around here, don't we?

Please edit http://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature (once x.org is up; the site is down for me at the moment) and update it with any changes which have occurred due to the public release of the driver.

EDIT: I erroneously called the HD7000 series "Northern Islands" in this post. It's Southern Islands. I knew that, but I'm still thinking in terms of last generation. Silly me!