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Thread: AMD 7850 drivers?

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    tomorrow is here and no drivers still so far. I'll check back in the end of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimg00dy View Post
    Thank you for the update and sorry if I seem impatient. Also its not like Nvidia has much linux drivers for their newer cards.
    It took over 3 months, to have proper support for the geforce 610M, 630M and 635M in place in the proprietary driver. These OEM laptop cards (rebadged 520MX, 540M and 555M so no Kepler yet) were released back in 2011 but only nvidia 295.33 started to support it.

    NVidia does not have "unsupported hardware" watermarks like AMD has, it just leaves you with an unusable system or with vesa if your card isn't yet supported.

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