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Thread: Slackware64 13.37 - external monitor madness

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    Default Slackware64 13.37 - external monitor madness


    HP Probook 4530s, Core i5 2430M, 8GB ram, Intel HD3000 + ATI HD6490M (switchable graphics)


    Slackware 13.37 64bit update to "current" with kernel 3.2.13 (huge),same problems with Slackware 13.37 64bit with kernels


    ATI proprietary Catalyst 12.1 / Driver ver. 8.93 (tried all versions from Catalyst 11.8 same thing)


    Can't get 2 bloody monitors to run with this setup!!!


    KDE System Settings -> Display and Monitor -> Multiple Monitors says "This module is only for configuring system with a single desktop spread across multiple monitors. bla bla"

    AMDCCCLE - does NOT have any monitor/display settings.

    Setting resolutions and position from System Settings -> Display and Monitor -> Size & Orientation resets both monitors to 1024x768 OR resets external to 1024x768 and keeps internal OK.

    Tried ALL xorg.conf setups I could find, no luck, setting Xinerama On in xorg.conf screws System Settings -> Display and Monitor -> Size & Orientation which displays an error message.

    Otuput of

    xdpyinfo -ext XINERAMA
    can be found here:

    How AMD CCCLE looks can be seen here:

    xorg.conf here:



    P.S. I have the same setup on a HP Probook 4510s with Slackware 13.37 32bit, custom compiled kernel and Catalyst 11.8 and works like a charm.
    P.P.S. I posted this on another forum and had no luck with it so if you found it there please bear with me .

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    In order to find the culprit, could you try setting the monitors with the OSS driver? If a bug in the proprietary driver turns out to be the source of problem, then little could be done to help.

    Just saw the "switchable graphics"... Looks like a tough one.
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