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Thread: Early AMD Catalyst 12.3 Linux Drivers Seep Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntt2010 View Post
    Well, one could always wish. I'm stuck because my liux XBMC player is installed on a laptop
    (for low power consumption + noice, and fast booting).
    And my latop uses an AMD HD 4200 graphic cards .

    Do you know if there is a way to add NVIDIA (or any better supported media video chip)
    to the laptop?
    Maybe in the day that Microsoft doesn't own the hardware you buy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by allquixotic View Post
    DUDE! Didn't you read the earlier posts in this topic?!

    Just Do It!
    Thank you!!!

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    Any quality assurance, in addition to the company of Lindows and XFree86 and calling Linux "like DOS" fglrx to you? It just seems like if I run five minutes after, like this kind of thing, you think anybody at AMD.

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