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Thread: Aliens vs predator for Linux

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    Default Aliens vs predator for Linux


    Many years ago, I used AvP: Gold Edition to run this game on Linux. Recently I decided to use AVP from GOG, and I don't know which version for Linux I should use to run this game.
    There are three versions:

    I think that is the old version from because the multiplayer mode was not finished in the Linux version of AvP.

    I noticed that newer version of AvP exists, but the author decided to stop working on it:

    "Since fastfile support was removed all *.ffl needs to be extracted
    with extract_ffl found in the util directory.

    cd fastfile/ && for i in *.ffl; do extract_ffl "${i}" ../; done

    All *.rim files need to be converted to png.

    find /home/some_user/avp_data/graphics/ -name "*.rim" \
    -execdir /home/some_user/avp_src/util/rim_utils/rim2png {} \;

    The root directory should atleast contain

    avp_huds avp_rifs fastfile graphics sound

    and directory fastfile need only to contain

    aliensound.dat marsound.dat predsound.dat queensound.dat

    Everything needs to be in lowercase; run this from root of the game content.
    You will need write access to files and directories for this to work

    find . -depth -execdir perl -e "rename('{}',lc('{}'))" \;

    In order to build one would need libpng, SDL, OpenAL, OpenGL, and OpenSSL(for md5)."

    This Instruction is quite confusing, but the list of changes is long:

    The last project is similar to the previous one, but script: doesn't work correctly because I noticed many errors.

    The list of changes:

    "Game data files need to extracted and in some cases converted to open formats.

    To do this, run in the directory avp_mod.

    This is work in progress

    Current status

    Npc marine, mostly done.
    Npc predator, not done.
    Npc xenoborg, unknown status.
    No multiplayer.
    No ingame movies.
    Player hud bounding box, missing.
    Player predator hud, is not done.
    Menus are text only.
    Basic console."

    I ignored these errors, and I typed a command make in the terminal to finish the installation process. Unfortunately, I noticed that the background in the menu of the game is in a black color. In AvP: Gold Edition this problem didn't exist, and I'm pretty sure that I didn't install this game in a correct way.

    I'm wondering which version of AvP for Linux did you use to run this game? I know that AvP was an unpopular game among Linux users. Now more people have access to the version of AvP from GOG, but I did not find any active projects for Linux.

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    I have to admit that is a really depressing fact that the open source project like AvP has so many shortcomings on the open source operating systems like Linux and AROS

    I noticed that some people made many efforts to create a better version of this games for commercial operating systems like Windows or MorphOS:

    "On top of just getting it running I felt that it needed some additional polish which I implemented:

    - MUI dialog and installer for when you dont have the data files in the game drawer.
    - FMV playback (intros + ingame video screens)
    - Music
    - Changed the default keybindings to be similar to modern FPS games.
    - Volume sliders in the menu screen had an annoying 1sec delay before being modified. Removed it.
    - Fixed some menu strings (for example, "exit to windows" became "exit to morphos")
    - Made a new graphics options menu screen for setting resolution, mipmap on/off, 16/32bit textures, fullscreen/windowed.
    (original game had just the option to set resolution)
    - Some initial work to get "Classic Redux" high-res mod working. This makes the game look so much better but it eats a lot
    of VRAM so I made a texture size limit and rescale option to get it running on my 32MB graphics card.
    (I still need to expose this option to a menu, and fix a crash bug related to this mod - that crash exists on the PC version of Gold Edition as well)"

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