Ive been working on porting a fan made game called Hurrican that is based on Turrican, which I think some here would enjoy since it now a native linux game.

Hurrican was created by the group Poke53280: http://www.poke53280.de
Hurrican was programmed by Eisewuxe(which a big thanks to for releasing the source code): http://www.eiswuxe.de

Hurrican was made for windows and used directx (d3d) and FMOD. My port replaces directx with SDL/OpenGL and FMOD with SDL_mixer/modplug. Modplug is optional but i consider a better quality decoder than mikmod if your sdl_mixer is configured to use it.
If your system supports these libraries then the game should run, although it might require some changes (like for macos).
OpenGL code is also OpenGL-ES compatible so this should run on most mobile devices. For instance I have already completed a openpandora build.

Where to Get
I currently dont have any prebuilt packages for any PC builds, but it easy enough to build and run.
The project page is here on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hurrican/
Getting the source is easy as typing the command:
svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/hurrican/code/trunk hurrican-code
There is a makefile in the source directory, so a simple 'make' should be enough.

There are a couple minor lingering bugs to clean up.
I need to finish a few more functions to support the rar packaged data and test the included unrarlib support. For the moment only uncompressed data is supported.
Create some install packages

If anyone would like to help work on this project send a request through sourceforge and I will see about adding you to the project. For instance I wouldnt mind if someone came along to add and finish any bits needed for a macos port or any other platform.
If anyone tries this out feel free to give any feedback, it is appreciated.