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I don't know the correct answer, just that if you ask three people you're definitely getting more than one answer (and there are only two possible ).
no thatís just a Lie and FUD! if a Iranian can not use the OpenSource/FreeSoftware without violate AMD's copyright then its just not Free-Software/Opensource software.

the export is not releasing a source-code in a BSD licence you can do it its not against the "Law"

the one who do download/upload it to iran does the crime not "AMD"

this means: the anti Iranian BSD licence is not an open-source licence.

because its only a opensource-lizence if the people can do a "crime" with the source code without violating "AMDs" copyright.

its more than Ironic you do violate AMD's copyright law if you do a crime LOL only complete stupid people think in this way!

if you kill a human(crime) you just give a SHIT about AMDs copyright!