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Thread: Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gusar View Post
    It is. And someone once dug through the code to find out the differences compared to Chrome (well, Chromium): Basically, the differences are very minimal. Stuff is removed that's configurable in Chrome anyway, or isn't actually tracking you. The only difference since then, Iron now has a built-in adblocker. That's it. That's the big secret behind the "safe" Iron and the "big bad spying on you" Chrome.

    Basically, this person is counting on people believing in the boogeyman to get ad-revenue. That's the "scam" part about it. Nothing illegal, so not a true scam, but there's deceit and hypocrisy. Deceit, because you're not any safer with Iron, there's no special sauce in it that makes it harder for ad companies to track you (an adblocker is not special sauce, every browser has adblocking extensions available). And hypocrisy, because he's using adsense. So apparently, Google's browser is evil but nothing wrong in taking money from Google's ad platform. Ironically, it's actually the ad platform that really is tracking you.
    Yes, all correct. He is making money and not hurting anyone. He has his own tiny private chirch hehe.

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    I'll rather talk about Chromium instead of Chrome ... remember that the article cited ( ), compares the open-source base for Chrome, not Chrome itself (which is proprietary, and because of that, I won't accept or deny anything of it)
    The browser is fine, but people tends to dislike the involvement of Google, so a lot of the """"arguments""" come from there, no proofs though (honestly, as developers is that hard to inspect the source of an open source software? really?)...


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