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    Has anyone used that cpu cooler? I was helping my friend assemble his new computer, and he purchased that cpu hsf, i followed the instructions to a "T" and put only a small dab of TIM on the center of the heatspreader. But the device that holds the hsf inplace doesn't seem to be using much force, since it can be moved with just a little amount of force (the direction of the hsf can be turned about 15 degrees either direction with minimal force). Is it supposed to be like that, or did I happen to do something wrong with the installation?


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    I have an Intel version and it does the same thing. ALthough it is completely flush with the CPU and can't be lifted up. I figure a lot of CPU coolers with a small base do this, but as long as it's making solid contact with the CPU an -cannot- be lifted up, you should be good to roll.

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