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Thread: OpenCL/Clover Is Closer To Mesa Merging

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    Default OpenCL/Clover Is Closer To Mesa Merging

    Phoronix: OpenCL/Clover Is Closer To Mesa Merging

    The OpenCL support work for the open-source Linux graphics drivers with the Clover state tracker and other compute infrastructure prerequisites have moved a step closer to being merged into the mainline Mesa repository...

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    Sweet... Anyone know if this will work in combination with the r600g LLVM back-end from Tom's repository? A.k.a. Have Tom's changes been merged into Francisco's repository. I see Tom's name at the head of the branch's commit list, but only one commit from him, so it might work, but it might also be in the process of getting synchronized.

    Hopefully it won't be long until I can just build things off of the master llvm/clang/mesa branches.

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    Yes, they're working together.

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