Hi all,

I have been trying to use a Sony EX620 LED LCD TV as a monitor with Linux computers (OpenSuSE 11.4 and several recent Ubuntu).

Problem with this is that X and kdm (or gdm) get very confused by the TV, and display fonts wrong - mostly very very small but in some cases very large. So the logon kdm or gdm screen has fonts approx 5 pixels tall, and then KDE and/or GNOME use fonts about 8 pixels tall. The result is barely readable.

In KDE I can crank the font sizes up to 24, then the KDE apps are readable, but non-KDE apps are still confused (example Firefox uses some tiny fonts and some huge fonts).

I'm connecting the TV to PC with HDMI and/or DisplayPort, and the video cards are a GTX560Ti, and an AMD Mobility HD 3650, and an AMD E350 Brazos netbook. Same problem in all cases.

I think X.org is expecting info from the TV about resolution and dot pitch but not receiving it. I added resolution to the monitor section of xorg.conf and this helped some - now all the programs are affected the same way. But all text is mostly very tiny and a few apps show very large. I don't see how to tell X about dot pitch (or even what the dot pitch of the TV is).

Does anyone have any advice or pointers on how to get a Sony EX620 and Xorg to like each other?

Many thanks in advance!