Oh man, this just cannot be true... I mean, what kind of company is AMD that they think they can afford such a behavior?

I was hoping to be finally able to use the xrandr 1.2 extensions with this release, so I could dynamically add displays to my laptop. Of course I also expected them to fix all the flickering and mouse pointer corruption bugs for good with this release. Ha, how could I have been so naive...

Ironically, I just ordered a 22" widescreen for work, with 1680x1050 - bingo! The reason for choosing a widescreen instead of one with 1600x1200 was that with the widescreen I don't need a second panel. Now they break widescreen support. And to make things even worse, they break the native 1400x1050 in my thinkpad t60! And this is supposed to be a bug fix release? How sarcastic can it get?

The pain with the ATI driver is going on for so long now... I mean, what was all the fuss with the new codebase about? What's that new codebase good for, if the driver breaks more stuff with every release, and the useful features (e.g. xrandr) still not working properly?

Finally, what kind of customer support does ATI think they are giving? Michael sends them an email to make sure they get bug reports, no one is replying to my bugs filed on ati.cchtml.com, while NVIDIA has a forum and staff that replies, files a bug number and seems to care?

Sorry ATI, you lost me as a customer. Too bad I can't change the gfx card in my T60. But in my entire department at work, no ATI card will get installed ever again. I just can't afford wasting my time with unusable driver releases anymore.

I'm looking forward to the day when I finally get a new laptop with an NVIDIA or Intel chip, and every time a new ATI driver is released, I'll read the first three pages in the forum on phoronix and smile, while my gfx card just works.