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Thread: What's the status of drm?

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    Default What's the status of drm?

    I am very interested in DRM modesetting. Are there any plans to migrate radeon or radeonhd modesetting code to DRM? Are there plans to make a DRM-modesetting based kernel framebuffer driver? It would eliminate a lot of headaches in the graphics system for people using both the console and X. It would also be a step closer to a unified, X-independant graphics system.

    I would work on this myself, but without better documentation, DRM looks like a very confusing prospect. Hopefully the new docs AMD is releasing will help some, but I wish the DRM architecture itself were better documented.

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    Jerome Glisse pushed his sample code for kernel modesetting on R300 a couple of weeks ago. Adding support for newer ASICs is on his todo list :

    You might want to ping Jerome and see if there are areas where you could help. It would be a great way to learn.
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