Hey all, currently I have a 1920x1080 desktop monitor as well as a Sony TV (which takes 1080 and downconverts to 720) hooked up to a 9800 GT Ultimate (the Asus frankenstein one).

I would like to add hopefully one or two more monitors to the mix.

My regular work is dealing with GIS 2D/3D openGL stuff but I game a little with mostly indie stuff. Most visually intense game I play is Oil Rush.

What is the most sensible way to go about this?

My understanding is there's the following options:

  1. Xinerama with 2 cards
  2. Nvidia Twinview with 2 cards
  3. ATI Eyefinity
  4. a GTX 295 to run 4 monitors
  5. an NVS/Matrox

But I know Xinerama has limitations about 3D. Would this effect Oil Rush? How stable is it?
I could go Eyefinity but I have mixed monitors (one I might add is 1280x1024). Also, how good are the newest drivers on the 5770 and 6770 cards? I've had one ATI card about 8 years ago..

Or a GTX295. But I have a 650W PSU. I could underclock it but this seems silly.

I could also use an NVS but they seem massively underpowered and poor for games. Would adding one to my existing card using the rendering abilities of the 9800GT Ultimate with the display outputs of the NVS. So I could theoretically have 6 monitors with a quad NVS?