I got 6850HD but cannot use it proper due it's power options. Here we are using world the most pricey electricity and using GPU on default bills me much on 7/24 system.
If I use it on forced low power profile, than animations became jerky.
Also dynpm method doesn't working well. Can't change clock as needed and also give blinks when changing clocks( from low power to med/high ).

AFAIK, for a years no one working on it... Why? I believe there aren't much work left.
I remember on some interview with ATI, they said disabled tessellation on catalyst due lowering power usage, because no game using it and they "love polar bears" much more than others (nVidia). Do they quit loving polar bears?
I think proper dynpm controls are more important for laptop users due limited batteries.

Why no one working on it and why we can't use our GPUs as efficient as Catalyst. Does power controlling on GPU has any IPs like DRM too?