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Eheh I do agree. By the way, why is the community more involved in the nvidia reverse engineering? That's quite strange indeed...
I wouldn't say that the community is more involve with nvidia, there is lot of non paid people working on AMD GPU (and some not paid by AMD but by Red Hat). I think the big difference is that on nvidia you need powermanagement to have decent performance a reference nvidia bios clock gpu slower than amiga (bit of an exageration). And also most of the community working on AMD GPU prefer working on fancy stuff such as 3D and gladly let AMD or Red Hat do ground infrastructure such as power management.

One of the thing that puzzle me is that in the end having AMD helping the community is 2 side coin. On one side it is very helpfull and help a lot, on the other there is lot less reverse engineering going one mostly because when we are lacking something you know that AMD is already helping on this but they can't release anything, so you kind of wait for everythings to clear up review. While on NVidia, well no help, means you can reverse what ever you want when ever you want. That said nothing forbid people in the community to reverse engineer what fglrx do for power management like for HDMI. It's just that part of the people that used to do reverse engineer on AMD can't anymore.