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It is completely outdated to use boot partitions.
why? i know many computer systems with ugly bugs if you don't use boot partitions my old opteron system for example 128gb limit or my system right now if you use a bigger hard-drive than 2gb

i "feel" no negativ side effect using a boot partition.

outdated means: runs bugfree on all hardware `? LOL

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grub2 has got even raid support. If you use a partition for /home it would be more logical. But your 8/128 gb bios bugs should not happen with efi (even in the high tb range).
you don't need efi at all if you use a boot pardition even if your bios only support only 8gb for /boot.

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First of all it does not only solve the 2tb boot problem. When you start the efi shell (some boards have it included, most can run it from usb) you have got a dos like interface including text/hexeditor.
LOL! do you mean MICROSOFT DOS ?

what a pain in the ass

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You can start efi apps just like running dos executeables (identified by .efi extension), just you use fs0: or fs1: and so on instead of a: or b:. It is just like a mini os and has got scripting features.
Features you don't want and you don't need are not "Features"

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You can try that with vbox in efi mode as well when you don't have got a new board. Basically all 2012 launched boards should have got full efi support. Before some vendors like gigabyte really ductaped an uefi addon onto an old bios - but even there beginning with the intel 7 series the boards should be using native uefi.
LOL what GOOD news... i can't wait to bridge my system a friend of my just lose his notebook by "uefi" bugs.

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I do not own amd boards, but most likely there is uefi as well. It seems you have got wet dreams of good old bios systems, but the remaining ones without uefi support are just legacy hardware today.
sure but my system works well without UEFI crap!

AND! all amd chipssets support coreboot! this means you can just rip out this crap!

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Also you are NOT forced to use uefi mode, basically every board has got a bios emulation layer on top. This is called CSM or Compatibility Support Module and allows you to boot from your old hds/dvds. The problem is however if you use that mode you don't have got access to uefi features.
LOL there is no usefull UEFI feature.

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You can for example add a boot entry called "Qaridarium OS" which you could select as boot choice. I did not try the Linux 3.3 feature yet to add an efi stub to the kernel, but most likely you could boot without grub as well (your kernel should not need an initrd of course). There are lots of things you can try with it, so just do it instead of praising some legacy system that was invented 1981...
not useful they only do it to kill anti-patent GPL-v3 software like GRUB

only stupid people think this is not a part of the WAR against open and FREE software.

its the apple way of thinking opensource is only good if you can rape it and sue it with patents.

all other "strong" Free systems must be punished and because of this they build UEFI!