Hi all,

Not sure how many of you have been following the kickstarter projects, but I believe I can see a big potential for a linux gaming future coming from the projects being crowdfunded on there. I was hoping to start this forum thread to:
1) Raise awareness about some of the linux friendly projects on kickstarter and getting a quick reference list of available projects
2) Hopefully this will help increase the pledges on some of the more promising projects that have agreed to support linux.
3) Increase the amount of linux community presence on the kickstarter forums, which again will increase visibility for linux and help it be supported at release with new projects!
4) Promote discussion about linux friendly game devs, perhaps even mentioning projects that look like they'd be willing to support linux if the community can rally and provide some incentive.

Just to briefly touch on why I see a lot of potential on this:
* We've already proved through HIB that Linux users are ready to be a market for games and we'll put our money where out mouths are
* By increasing our visibility to up and coming game devs they will be more likely to consider linux a first release platform as it will be in the forefront of their minds based on the outpouring of support for linux for their previous releases (or by just browsing other kickstarter project comments)
* If they develop engines to support linux from the start, it will be easier for them to CONTINUE to release for our platform if they develop other games based on the same engine. I think this is a BIG plus for the bigger titles coming from kickstarter that I don't see mentioned by a lot of people yet.
* Assuming the steam/source release for linux is credible as it appears to be so far, this would be the perfect time to rally as a community and get as much game dev support for linux as possible, to allow a bigger game library to be available for our platform of choice. Even if you're against steam for their DRM, the more developers that support linux the better things will be for us across the board (e.g. better closed driver support, potentially more commits to opensource drivers aswell by invested devs etc).

So just to start this off, some of the projects I've come across that have announced linux support on kickstarter:
* Wasteland 2 - inXile entertainment (ends April 17)
* The Banner Saga - Stoic (ends April 20), however they appear to have committed to a post-release client.
* Nekro - darkForge (ends May 4)

And guys, I've been a long time lurker here, and am starting to be a bit more active on the phoronix community. I have seen a million times how quickly the threads on here get derailed and turned into something completely different and usually with very negative comments... I'm hoping for once we might be able to try and stay positive and on track on this thread, though that's probably just wishful thinking

Anyone else got any linux friendly kickstarter projects they want to add to the list, or devs that they think could be convinced to do a linux port?