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Have you played oryginal Pitfall (Atari 2600 AFAIK)? IMHO it was mediocre, even for 80's. Trine (and sequel) is different, it is a revolution in physics and graphics. $900 000 for Pitfall remake... seems like a joke
At that time people expected a game of that style (platformer, as it came to be known) to have 3 whole screens in a liner world (or a random one). 4 screens was really something to brag about. Pitfall! had 256. The above and below ground paths intersecting in various places effectively created a world that was not limited to 2D linear space. The game provided a limited number of lives and a time limit in which to explore this world. One could not just keep playing indefinitely using continues, saves, or retry points like most modern games (that SUCK). Only dedicated players could achieve the true distinction of actually completing this game. In some ways, Pitfall! is superior to many modern platformers. My only complaint about it, is having multiple lives. David Crane should have gone with his original plan and made it a 1-life game.