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Thread: More Linux Games Kick Up On Kickstarter

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    Default More Linux Games Kick Up On Kickstarter

    Phoronix: More Linux Games Kick Up On Kickstarter

    Following in the success of Wasteland 2's fundraising and other gaming initiatives that have taken to Kickstarter to kick-off their crowd-sourced fundraising efforts, more Linux-friendly games have come about...

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    im pretty shure you forgot to mention The Banner Saga in that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjamin545 View Post
    im pretty shure you forgot to mention The Banner Saga in that list.

    Quote Originally Posted by me
    Among the Linux games include Wasteland 2, The Banner Saga, Nekro, Double Fine Adventure, Faster Than Light, The Banner Saga, and Takedown. Links to all the Kickstarter funding pages can be found from that forum thread.
    Only partial list... (bold emphasis)

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    Default Question

    Will it be open source?
    How about if it fail, then people have funded it and get nothing?
    How about open source it at least in case it fails?
    How about a plan to open source it if income exceeds a million dollar?
    How about a plan to open source it in X years after commercial release?

    What libraries does it use?

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    From their kickstarter page:
    DarkForge is a group of industry vets hailing from studios such as Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft and more. We have many years of experience creating quality games for both ourselves and large AAA studios.
    I'd like to get a little more information about their backgrounds amongst some other questions...
    * What games have their devs been involved with previously?
    * What lead them to found this new company?
    * Most other kickstarter projects announced linux support in one of their project updates - what made them announce it in their initial project description?
    * $100k seems like a pretty low budget for a game, so I assume the money is just complementing already existing funding - it makes me wonder how they intend to use the money raised for the game?
    * And since they've offered - how is their development process geared toward linux?
    * Are they using a cross platform API for their graphics/sound/input etc, like SDL?
    * Was the game designed to be cross platform from the very start? (sounds like it..)
    * Have they come across any particular linux specific issues in their development that they've had to deal with or has it been relatively painless?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Only partial list... (bold emphasis)
    I think he was being sarcastic Michael... read your list again.

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    Some screenshots and videos would be nice. Also, let's ask why they think Linux games are important as well and what they think of the Linux scene in general?

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    Linux platform development:
    * What are the blockers when developing for Linux (in your opinion)?
    * What should/could be made better?
    * What projects should start/could be started to improve the development? Is there enough standartisation?
    * How happy are you with current Linux platform development tools, what can be improved?
    * How good are open drivers, what is your stance and what is needed to help them to improve? Who´s responsibility is to develop free drivers: manufacturers(just as they do for windows), buyers at extra cost or game developers?
    * What is your stance on GCC vs LLVM?

    * What are your thoughts on conflict between give(code) and take(money)? How have you solved it?
    * Was code -GPL, art - (c) model acceptable for you?
    * Do you think "collecting whole budget over kickstarter and releasing everything free except support" model is possible?
    * Whats your stance on DRM?

    * What should be top priority for improvement in modern Linux ecosystem to improve user-friendliness?

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    Funded Nekro thanks to this posting

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    will be cool to read their dev story on this site.

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