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Just wait for awhile. LO is working on a mobile version withstand the gtk Broadway backend. However, don't expect it in less than a year.
Yet the Calligra developers were able to develop an entire new mobile version, Calligra active, in a few months, and one developer as a trial created a partially-working port to android in a few days.

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I don't see the point of a KDE office unless it is simply a toolkit exercise.
The fact that they are able to create an entire new mobile interface in no time at all should show one of the points: having a flexible, modular, easily-to-develop-for code base. That is something that LO doesn't have and may never have.

As someone else pointed out, the fact that it needed a 3-month GSOC project just to get a multi-line cell editor in calc shows just how fundamentally broken the LO code base is.