Hi all,
i have been working on setting up my machine (alienware m18x) with ubuntu 10.04 LTS server edition (64 bit) and i have stumbled on a problem.

when i install the amd driver (12.3) after installing all the requierd tools (like debhelper etc...) the installation completed succesfully.
however when i reboot my machine it take it about 20 minute to boot the x server.
in the xserver log it all looks normal (i will attach the logs when i will be at home).

the straingest thing is that if i enable both cards (aticonfig --initial --adapter=all -f) it doesnt boot the xserver at all!.
in the log i can see that the machine is trying start at all of the resulotion possible and than it says that she didnt found any good screen.

if anybody have any helpfull tips it will be much appreciated!

thanks alot!