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Picking a codename is the best part of a project. At work I'm currently part of projects codenamed "spicy sausage" and "magic banana". They have absolutely no connection to the work involved, but are much more interesting than, say, "data visualisation version 2".
Indeed. To me, "12.04" means nothing, it's the same as "11.04" and "10.04". Two numbers separated by a dot. "Precise Pangolin" means a lot more - it's something memorable, and still shows clearly that it's a later release than the previous ones. "Beefy miracle" is also memorable, although I don't think I remember a whole lot of their earlier codenames. I recall "Leonidas", since it's also a Lithuanian name, but not much other than that... I guess they are just not used very often, people still tend to say "Fedora XX" instead of using the codenames.