All I see is this:

AMD has
- committed money to develop OSS drivers and released partial specifications of some of their chipsets for the community to work on
- committed themselves to develop OSS drivers
- a subpar OSS driver which falls behind the reverse-engineered Nouveau driver

- openly commented that they wil never touch OSS drivers

and AMD gets all the hate just because of one bolded point.

To quote one person who made this statement in the forum somewhere in the early pages:

Release the specifications and the community will do the rest
Wake up your bloody idea; AMD is doing just that. And where have the community gone? Most have hauled their sorry butt off to Nouveau and left AMD to handle the OSS driver development themselves with a tiny bunch of X developers. Look at the news postings on the website: all the effort is now on? Nouveau. Nouveau. Nouveau.

This is irrefutable proof that the OSS community whining for 'OSS drivers' are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who only know how to TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK AND MAKE EMPTY PROMISES. The community 'will do the rest'? What a load of baldfaced LIES. Don't ever make that statement again, because you SURE ARE HELL have no intention to do so.

You want a PROPER working OSS Radeon driver? Write it YOURSELF. If you can't you have 0 right to bitch about the state of the Radeon driver.

AMD should never have opened up their drivers if this is the response they are going to get.

PS: Kudos to the devs who actually continued giving their all in the OSS Radeon driver development even after AMD released the partial specifications.