When you look back to 9-3 that was the last fglrx driver with r300-r500 support. But you can still get a win driver for those. Most likely because win does not change the abi so often fglrx is weird in several ways, the fglrx devs do not even add community patches to allow usage of newer kernels, no they just keep the same code forever and require externa patches. Dropping support for hardware that is still sold is just one example, there much more where fglrx does not shine. fglrx supports ubuntu releases, thats clear because ubuntu always gets prereleases where others distros do not get those. 8.96 is in precise, all others have to use 8.96 from the opencl preview, but that lacks some pci ids in the beloved /etc/ati/control file. i mentioned often enough that that those checks using the control file and the same hardcoded pci ids in aticonfig is complete nonsense but nobody ever wants to change that. amd only fixes things which they are forced by ubuntu and if somebody else has got ideas what could be improved -> just ignore it.