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Thread: DRM Changes Pooling For Linux 3.5 Kernel

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    Default DRM Changes Pooling For Linux 3.5 Kernel

    Phoronix: DRM Changes Pooling For Linux 3.5 Kernel

    There's already a number of changes building up when it comes to the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) sub-system for merging into the Linux 3.5 kernel...

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    Seams a bit premature and more like hopes and dreams...

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    Default drm-intel performance patches

    Quick correction on my quote about no performance improvements for drm-intel: We've already landed a sizeable junk of patches to improve performance accross all gpu generations in drm-next for 3.5. And I'm hopeful that some more could land. In my reply to Michael I've just ment to say that for the next few weeks I don't expect anything interesting performance-wise.

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