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Thread: New "NV30" Nouveau Driver Still Causes Pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    - It's my form of bug reporting.
    There is a public bug-tracker, where you can post useful bug-reports without causing demotivation and irritation.

    - To inform such hardware owners thinking about X hardware that it may not work or perhaps that it's in great shape, depending upon the article...
    - If it's a busted mess, as a reference to cite when someone says, e.g. "Why haven't you run NV30 benchmarks yet?"
    So, what about a hardware-compatibility page/wiki, instead of some random articles without any in-depth information?
    This would provide some real value to people interested in switching their graphic drivers.

    For an phoronix-outsider (like me) it seems phoronix is trying in cases like this to generate news when there is none to catch the eye of visitors, in the hope to generate ad-revenue.
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