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wow I never realized bulldozer was so good just goes to show you windows and application code is just optimized for intel. Bulldozer was within usually 30% of ivy ridge with march native, pile driver is supposed to be a 25% improvement closing the gap significantly. Coupled with better graphics I'd say AMD is killing intel (at least on source linux distros) I can't wait to get a trinity notebook and install gentoo
and this is naming the fact that this linux software is not even optimized for AVX/FMA/XOR and the other goodies in bulldozer, maybe for average joe wannabe "expert" is "slower than sb dude why waste money?" but for us is geek candy on the cheap.

for the smart mouths FMA and XOR really make huge diff if used properly and your cache is sane and remember that AVX can process 4 double(very rare is most workloads) or 8 floats(very common). in my case i modified my old SSE idct[Mx'M] code to use avx and FMA and loop it to run 1 million times and is around 35/45% faster in the same bulldozer cpu, so bd have a lot of juice to extract yet.

bd problem is most software outhere is poorly threaded and/or with crappy cache management and/or barely uses SIMD at all(this applies to SB too though)