Hey, I just added a discreet hd6670 card to a system with a hd4200 IGP, and the debugfs info is only showing up for one card, the IGP.

In /sys/kernel/debug/dri I have entries for 0, 1, 64 and 65, with 0 and 64 being identical, same with 1 and 65 (which only have the "bufs clients gem_names name queues vm vma" entries anyways).

They all seem to relate to the IGP, which is initialized first according to dmesg, so I'm wondering if the debugfs data is only available for the first card found?

This is with kernel 3.2.16, fwiw.

Also, just out of curiosity, anyone know if there are any intentions of adding the radeon_pm_info data to the sysfs hwmon interface?