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I also question the performance tests. Intel is known for playing games in order to benchmark higher. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if there was something sneaky in the CPU that knows when someone else's GPU is attached and does something like cutting memory bandwidth. Intel is known for pulling sneaky crap, like designing CPUs FOR the benchmarks, rather than the real workload.
LOL and people call me paranoid... but yes intel isn't a nice guy.

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Some people are going to flame me for this, but the reason why Intel beats AMD on benchmarks is because AMD is actually innovative -- reinvent the wheel, then wait for software to catch up, rather than bolting a supercharger onto an '85 Lada and calling it fast.
intel prefer the better "manufacturing technology" instead of the better architecture.

intel 22nm vs amd 45nm or 32nm...

intel should be spitted into 2 companies 1 for architecture and one for manufacturing then amd gets the same 22nm resources and intel need to fight against the SAME manufacture technology!