First of all intel produces already cpus for other companies. Also until recently when amd paid lots of money to be fully independent from the factory part they had a contract that they needed to produce the cpus there. Now they could produce anywhere but i do not know if they want to pay intel to create their chips. Usually the layout needs to be optimizied for the production way as well, so you can not only shrink it and it still works. amd already pays for x86 patents, so intel gets a few cents from every cpu amd sells (or maybe $, dont know the contract). the 22nm production is most likely not fully optimized as intel only sells the quad cores right now. those are much more expensive compared to the dual cores. For better profit the yield must be high enough, that was the main problem for amd and their factory as well as for tsmc who produces the gpus for amd + nvidia. Every shrink needs some time to be fully optimized. if amd pays well and intel has spare capacities i dont see a problem why intel would not produce the chips, they get money in any way, but of course less when amd produces em somewhere else.