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Thread: Xfce 4.10 Desktop Feature Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    It needs a proper volume knob like the one in Gnome and LXDE.
    What's wrong with the xfce-mixer applet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanL View Post
    What's wrong with the xfce-mixer applet?
    It is clunky and does not function like the two I mentioned above. I admit, completely personal taste here, but I just do not find how it operates to be acceptable. This is why I have the Gnome Fallback items in my task bar, so I can use it's volume control.

    EDIT: I have just found out about pnmixer, which is kind of nice. Add that one to the list with Gigolo and Catfish
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness View Post
    If it's actually Xfces attitude towards communication that users/packagers need to hunt for bugfixed components themselves, it is no surprise that Xfce only has three developers. The sense of progress also attracts new contributors.
    Haha, well sorry about that. But releases are announced in a number of places (the users and announcement mailing lists and, but I agree, better announcements on the website is an area where we can improve. Will put it on my todo list.

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