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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04 vs. Windows 7: Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Loses On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonadow View Post
    Most of the recent Linux users who switched over approximately 3 years ago or earlier are very likely to be using these heavyweight + feature-heavy DEs, and not lightweight / minimalist DEs such as LXDE or XFCE, or even barebones window managers such as OpenBox, TWM, Fluxbox etc etc.

    Benching on heavy DEs such as Gnome 3, Unity and KDE 4 will offer the closest 'real-world scenario' results as opposed to doing the tests on a minimalist window manager. People want to see how much they can expect from Linux under a typical desktop load that consists of a flashy DE with compositing enabled, and not some 'best-case scenario' where everything is done off an unaccelerated window manager.

    Same reason why power users and enthusiasts in Windows run those ridiculously heavy benching tools such as PCMark, 3DMark, FurMark etc etc with full Windows Aero effects enabled instead of falling back to the simple Win 2000-style Classic theme.
    That's certanly true, but since you're expected to run those games fullscreen, nothing stops you from running them into a separate X server, that allows you to just forget about how heavy is your DE, other than offering the ability to switch between it and the game itself without worries and being a safer choice (imagine a crash of the X server where you're playing)

    Of course, it is uncommon, but if the user is free to choose, having those benchmarks takes into account that scenario too would be very helpfull.

    However, depsite the fact that into the post Michael seems to be comparing just the drivers, in the title he clearly states it is comparing "Ubuntu" to Windows, so considering the default DE settings makes some sense.

    It would have been different if it was comparing the driver code... exclusively.
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