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Thread: Vulture for NetHack (DarkArts Studios)

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    Default Vulture for NetHack released on desura (DarkArts Studios)


    I just want to inform you that Vulture for NetHack is available on Desura:

    Linux version is not yet available on Desura:

    "Coming soon. It's a bit more complicated to package, but it's on it's way "

    Here are some interesting facts about DarkArts Studios:



    DarkArts Studios was founded by Clive Crous (CEO Linux Game Publishing):

    "Clive has served as a contracted developer for Linux Game Publishing going back to 2006 and also serves as a senior developer at a company in South Africa where he resides. He's also worked on several open-source projects under the name DarkArts Studios, including a few games"

    Linux Game Publishing Shake-Up: CEO Steps Down
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