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Thread: A Migration Guide From X11 To Wayland Brought Up

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    Default A Migration Guide From X11 To Wayland Brought Up

    Phoronix: A Migration Guide From X11 To Wayland Brought Up

    Brought up on the Wayland development list over the weekend was a migration guide for developers in moving from X11 support to Wayland/Weston...

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    Great... this is all that we need. Lets encourage people to make apps that can't be run remotely.

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    If you read a bit more, especially places other than Phoronix, you'll see that some level of remote operation is going to be cooked into Wayland, from the get-go. At the very least there will be X-on-Wayland that will allow remote operation of legacy applications. From what I've seen, the Wayland developers take network operation seriously, as well. It's the fanbois on the fringe carrying the "networked display is archaic and must DIE!" flag.

    Anyway, I saw an interesting one today... Up at the credit union, the monitor that normally has information like interest rates and such, today had a big panel asking if we wanted to upgrade to Ubuntu Precise Pangolin. I doubt the system even has a keyboard or mouse to pick the right button. Even if it has a display, I'm sure it's remote-operation-only.

    Also interesting the the "networked display is archaic and must DIE!" crew want us to do all over-the-network administration in text mode. I certainly want text mode to be there, but there absolutely are gui tools that I prefer to use, and would prefer to keep access to.

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