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Does it matter whose fault it is since people just want to work with their OS? I really cannot understand why people always want to find someone to blame for.
Implying you're not?

Do you know why ISVs shun Linux? That's because Linux is the area of total instability and lack of any guarantees in regard to APIs and libraries versions. And that's where Linux sucks. Strangely RedHat with their RHEL does understand that.

So, instead of changing development policy people keep on shouting out loud that it's not Linux, it's ISPs that don't want to release drivers/software for Linux. They really don't want to, because they don't want to employ dozens of programmers just to make sure their software keeps working years after its initial release date. ISVs cannot afford such luxury (in fact they can, but they don't want to make the money fly). In Windows, once released, you are pretty much guaranteed that your application will work for at least 6-10 years.
You really should take a look at the Mac. They have forced deprecations of APIs every few years, and it's bitten at least Adobe hard. I'm willing to wager that it takes only one person, part-time, to keep a linux build going. Whereas the Carbon/Cocoa transition (latest big switch) forced them to rewrite a big part of their UI layer.

Yet Photoshop continues to be available on OS X. Is it because it's easier to keep running on the platform? Hell no. It's because Adobe wants it there, costs be damned as long as there's enough profit.

If we're going to compare this to linux, in the same situation they would just ship their own copy of the toolkit, and ignore say gtk3.