Hmmm, if electricity prices are higher because electricity companies are profiteering, why are they all reporting losses?

Electricity prices are higher because of subsidies. From the article:

The industry should not suffer, said Grillo, because of "electricity price rises that result clearly from the state support system for renewable energies, and especially photovoltaics."

Subsidies have encouraged power companies and property owners to add about 25 GWe of solar capacity, mainly in the last five years. This produced 2.4% of Germany's power in the 12 months to February, according to statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA), while the remaining 12 GWe of nuclear capacity gave 15.3%. By far the bulk of German power comes from fossil fuels, some 71%.

The IEA data also shows German power exports down by 0.9% in the year up to this February, and imports up by 7.7%.
No subsidies? Lower costs? If there really were lower costs with renewable energy, why does the renewable energy industry need subsidies?