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you make a big mistake here you think a Solar power plant can not operate 24/7 right? you are wrong!
this is solar power and operate 24/7 in full load.
Check the power rating. This is woefully insufficient. Moreover it does not really operate 24/7 even if it uses thermal storage, it will generate almost nothing in the winter when the demand is highest.

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also Osmotic power plants and wave power plants also operate 24h/7day per week.
The innumeracy of nuclear opponents never fails to amaze me. The largest and only osmotic power plant ever constructed produces barely enough power for two electric kettles. Even if its output was doubled as suggested in the article you linked to, 125000 such power plants would be required to replace just one nuclear reactor.

Wave power is just as intermittent as wind power. It generates substantial energy only when there are large waves.

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wrong a updraft tower is a solar power plant and operate 24/7 ! also a smart grid network worldwide makes it unlikely that there isn't any wind blowing WORLDWIDE.
A smart grid is supposed to be about demand management, so that when there is no wind, the poor who cannot afford to pay more for electricity are cut off first, and the rich are unharmed. It is not about a worldwide grid, which is technically impossible - the transmission losses would make it impractical, not to mention the incredible cost of this scheme.