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Thread: PXE booting Phoronix

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    Default PXE booting Phoronix

    Hello All-

    I am trying to PXEboot the PTS LiveCD and running into some issues. I need to use NFS for the root partition however as far as I can tell the PTS kernel on the LiveCD does not support NFS. I've dug around on Google and found several allusions to PXE booting PTS but no detailed instructions. Does anyone have any instructions they can share?



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    A better release of the PTS Live environment will come later this year. Until then you can also easily boot an Ubuntu/Fedora live environment and just run PTS from there,

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    I wrote casper terminal server scripts - also for live helper 1. Take a look there:

    The single script is when you disable the dhcp of your router, the other when you use a 2nd nic for your network. I mainly disable the dhcp in the router but i dont use nfs anymore, i use httpfs because a simple apache is enough then. You could look into the initrd if httpfs would be supported there as well, did not try it. The script to inject httpfs needs just a tiny adjustment for other compressions than gzip. If you like take a look there:

    What you also can do is install onto iscsi and boot that, just one system at a time however. Or you use lvm to store iscsi, then create snapshot volumes and modifiy the iscsi target. I tested iscsi for Linux+Win8, both worked, however Linux i could boot everywhere and Win8 only on the system i installed.

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