I'm the owner of a AMD A4-3400 based system (is this evergreen based?) which I want to use as a HTPC. What is currently the best way to do so? I googled and tried out a lot the last days but cannot get it working well.

Using the fglrx-driver all is working, but software decoding is too slow for HD-Channels with a very high datarate, I get a lot of artifacts then Using VAAPI+XVBA-Wrapper is unusable

Is it worth trying the open source driver? I've read that the HDMI audio is not working, and later that there are patches to get it working, which release do I need to get HDMI audio working on this card?

Then I've read there is a VDPAU state tracker for radeon in Mesa 8.1, is it working well? better than the not working VAAPI? Should I compile Mesa from git for this? Do I need a special driver version for this?

The current situation for using a AMD based HTPC is very very confusing, I hope you can help me here