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Thread: The v2 Rotary Interactivity Favor Scheduler

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    Also, RIFS handles interactivity better than BFS with high workload. You can just try make -j128 and play your music or browse webpage with Firefox.
    It was made very clear by CK after his experiments with massive loads that BFS is not meant to be used with -j128. It is meant to be used with high workloads, but not with *ridiculous* workloads. High workload is something like -j10 on a quad core. 128 is ridiculous, and 512 is even beyond ridiculous.

    BFS is optimized for real use, not for throwing -j512 kernel builds at it. If you really intend to run such a massive workload (why?), you would run it SCHED_IDLEPRIO or nice 19 (or both). If you have written a new scheduler, posting information about how it handles -j128 "better" than the others says absolutely nothing about the merit of that scheduler. The only thing it says is that it handles something no one needs but doesn't say anything about how it handles stuff people actually *do* need.

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